Inspired Original Art - by Siv Gade Lien

Dare to be personal

Art can be deeply personal, reflecting your values, aspirations, or the causes you care about. Whether it’s a piece that promotes peace, love, nature, or social justice, having it in your home can serve as a daily inspiration and reminder of what matters most to you.

Rotate Art for Fresh Inspiration

Just like seasons change, rotating the art in your home can provide fresh perspectives and rejuvenate your space. This can be an exciting way to rediscover pieces you already own or to showcase new finds that inspire you.

I invite you to explore

The Playground of Life

Nostalgia, nature and imagination.

Life models

Exploring the human form

Studio work

One of a kind

Commisioned work

Creative gifts

Abstract Art

Expressing emotions


Places to remember


Life in 3D


Exploring Reality